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How did we help create brand identity for a building management company?


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Building Facilities Management is a business that provides the highest level of building facilities management services in Sydney and throughout Australia. They have established their business for over 15 years. Building Facilities Management provides service across a wide range of property types, such as residential strata, commercial and mixed-use. They are ready to take on the job for full or part-time, on-site or remotely, or custom-tailored to satisfy the needs of their clients.

Digital Marketing Challenge

The idea that businesses shouldn't have a website if they don't sell products online is a common misconception. The point of having a website is to strengthen your digital presence so customers can find you, regardless of whether you’re actually selling anything there. Apart from building a website, branding is also a crucial part of creating a digital presence because it determines how your clients perceive your company. Your brand may even affect your bottom line since people choose you based on how they perceive you. As a long-time industry leader, BFMA understood this well. The building facilities management service provider was looking to wow potential clients with a competitive website and winning proposal. In order to win more business, BFMA needed to make its sites and proposals stand out and be highly professional. BFMA reached out to Top4 Marketing’s creatives to help creating a strong brand identity.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Our in-house developer and designer worked closely with the client to create a strong brand identity for the building facilities management service provider through website building and proposal designs. We constructed a fully functional website from scratch to address Building Facilities Management's requirements including a mobile site display, CTA buttons, and other crucial website features. Additionally, we carefully planned every single aspect of the design, from the format, layout, typography, images and aesthetic, to ensure the prospects have a sense of who the company is, what it can do for them and why they should hire the client. Our in-house creative team understands a good proposal design can make your company stand out and be more competitive. If you are looking to deliver a sharp-looking website and well-designed proposals or if you need a similar project done then get in touch with us!

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Local marketing is used primarily by small businesses with a single location or outlet and having a complete digital strategy and local marketing agency is the best way to get ahead of the competition.

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